Working Group

Part of our project involves running a working group at the University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music devoted to guiding students through the transition from academia to industry. As part of this, we have run reading sessions on Jessica Calarco’s A Field Guide to Grad School (2020), Katina Rogers’s Putting the Humanities PhD to Work (2020), Christopher Caterine’s Leaving Academia (2020), Amy Gentry’s novel Bad Habits (2021), and more. We’ve included information about the books we’ve read, as well as some of the career development exercises we’ve run, to aid other groups who might want to recreate our process at their own institutions.


Workshop #1: “Designing Your Life”
Working group exercise for exploring ImaginePhD

Workshop #2: “The Resume”
Exercise for converting CV to resume (coming soon)

Workshop #3: “The Cover Letter”
Setting your cover letter apart (coming soon)

Books we recommend:

Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide

Christopher L. Caterine


The Designing Your Life Workbook

Bill Burnett & Dave Evans